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Track listing:
* 1. Like The Others   * 2. In A White Room   * 3. Going Out Of My Head / For Your Love
* 4. Comme Les Autres ... [mp3]   * 5. Interview   * 6. Wild Boys

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THEORETICALLY CHINESE ::                                                         Re-released 2004 / LTM

Winston Tong - "Theoretically Chinese"  (CD cover) Recorded in 1984-'85 and originally released by Les Disques du Crepuscule. Theoretically Chinese features a stellar supporting cast of Post-punk royalty including Jah Wobble (Public Image Ltd.), Stephan Morris (New Order) , Dave Formula (Magazine), and Simon Topping (A Certain Ratio), plus backing vocals from Niki Mono and Sussan Deyhim. Bonus tracks on this CD feature some of Tong's more left-field material, including the epic 16-min. piece "The Hunger", and the previously unreleased "Dream Assassins".  Booklet contains a detailed bio (written by James Nice) & archive images.          



MISERERE                                                                                   Released 2003 / LTM

Winston Tong - "Miserere" CDMISERERE ("Mercy") was composed in 1985 for a modern ballet of the same name staged by Belgian choreographer Pierre Droulers, based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The lyrics were written by Winston Tong, the music being a collaboration with celebrated Persian-born dancer and vocalist Sussan Deyhim. Remarkable in that it was recorded using voices alone, and employs no instruments at all. The effect is both eerie and seductive, and always hypnotic. Closer in tone to Tong's meditative cycle Like the Others (1982) than to his ''pop' album Theoretically Chinese (1985), Miserere is now revealed as a major work, which for many years was thought to have been lost. The booklet features Winston's poetic text for Miserere, and still shots from the performance.    [MP3]  [TRACKLIST]   [REVIEWS

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MINERS' BENEFIT ::::::::: Tuxedomoon, Negative Trend, Sleepers, UXA  (Live in SF, 1978)       Released 2003 / White Noise Records

Miners BenefitAn --> (APPARENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!!) CD from White Noise Records entitled MINERS' BENEFIT, from a live benefit show for striking coal miners in Kentucky, which took place in San Francisco in 1978 at The Mab. The CD Includes four songs from Tuxedomoon, one of which won't be heard anywhere else (Tong singing We Won't Go Back to Work), plus tracks from UXA, Sleepers, and Negative TrendA seminal document of punk history. 

INVITATION TO THE VOYAGE                 (VIDEO / CD)          Self-released 2002

Winston Tong-BaudelaireFrom a live recording of a performance at The Salon in San Francisco, featuring Tong reading from his own French-to-English translation of Charles Baudelaire's "L'Invitation Au Voyage". Amazing lighting effects were provided by Mike Simfender. Video footage and editing by Eddy Falconer. Each cover comes hand-decorated by Winston. 

Two Versions Available:  One as an audio-only CD, while the other includes video footage -- each features different material from the same performance.

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BEATEN TO THE BONE        Various Artists  (CD)                          Lure/ Black Madonna Productions, 1998  

beaton to the boneErotic spoken word from the likes of Jojo Planteen (of early SF punk bands The Dont's and Inflatable Boy Clams), Whitey Sims, Jane 69, Winston Tong (track #14, "Negative Confessions"), Devil James, and many more.

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THE DINOSAUR COLORING BOOK   | by Malcolm Whyte, illustrated by Winston Tong               Price, Stern, & Sloat

Dinosaur Coloring Book In 1969, Winston was commissioned by Troubodor Books to illustrate this, "The Dinosaur Coloring Book", which has remained in continuous publicaton to this day!  Could make a cool gift for all your hipster's friends kids...


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The original 1969 cover

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